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It’s a little weird organizing files from your life

Hi internet friends,

I’ve been organizing my digital life off and on for several years now. Only recently have I started taking it seriously because I got all of the files on to one hard drive (or I did now it’s on my laptop too, which I’m rushing to fix) and I’ve been organizing them slowly by date. I haven’t figured out another organizational system yet, they aren’t easy to search for because no one seems to care about organizing their personal files and talking about it online.

I was hoping to find some sort of system/app that could take any file, organize it by date, let me tag it, give it descriptions, and sort by type. But these that exist seem to only allow one type of file or are heavily featured towards pictures or music but have no usefulness towards documents and video. I feel like I have done a lot of searching. It sounds like what I’m looking for may be something large businesses use to organize files around projects. Perhaps law firms.

Regardless I’m going old school, digitally. I’m organizing the files by the year, month, and day they were created. This is just a start. Once everything is organized chronologically… well honestly I’m not sure what I’m expecting but the goal is to put everything I create that I want to keep around at least organized chronologically. I think my first order of business once this has been done is to create a timeline of my life. I feel compelled to do this, I think it’ll help me be able to make better and more informed plans. Or perhaps force me to confront any parts of my past that need resolution.

It’s very weird, as I’ve been going through these files I get sent off on tangents down memory lane. Some good. A lot have been intertwined with bitter memories though. Forcing myself to sit here and simply organize the files, or memories, and not necessarily open them if they seem to trigger my stress has made it easier to work on organizing them. Before I would get distracted by anything, and suddenly I had spiraled myself into depression and didn’t want to get anything done. Now at least I can continue organizing. And seeing the files or memories in passing has gotten easier.

I believe this is a makeshift attempt at self therapy or maybe it simply has therapeutic benefits for depression/disassociation. At the very least the sense of things being together is what is compelling me to focus on this. The coolest side affect of this project is how it’s seemingly tying myself back to my past. I’m seeing all of these interesting things I would like to retry, trick mainly. Some yo-yo design ideas. There are people I use to admire that have disappeared, I’d love to know where they ended up, and then I think about how that could be a cool video or podcast interview.

It’s a slow process though. I haven’t made any videos this week because of it. Well, barely any, I did post a few freestyles. Speaking of which, I should get back to it, I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


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