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A little bit of work

Hey everyone!

I’m starting to move things forward with my website. I doubt anyone is a regular at this point, we get about 300 visitors a month and they’re fairly random, but if you happen to be you might have noticed the homepage is now mainly the blog. I have missed this about websites, the homepage being a place to see what has happened recently for the person or business I am interested in learning about, so I figured I would follow suit and display my recent blogs on the homepage.

I otherwise have no clue what direction to take the website. I threw it together in a hurry about a year ago when I realized my reddit recovery email address was associated with this domain name so I needed to set up hosting to create a mailbox so I could recover my account. It was a pain in the ass but it got done and I was smart this time and updated my email to my gmail account so it wouldn’t happen again if for some reason I lost this domain name again.

I was hoping that if I started writing blogs more I could use the writing time as an opportunity to think my way through what I want to accomplish with this ‘mikemonty’ brand I’ve decided to focus on. For the longest time I was always trying to start a company, create something bigger than myself, and find a way to make an impact on the world through it. Sometime in the last year it clicked that I was wasting my time creating new names to do things under just so they’d feel official and also I have a lot of baggage tied to those company names, so I scrapped it all. No more Burgeon, no more montgomery yo-yo company, no more double-take industries, just mikemonty. It’s simple. If my interests change over the years then the mikemonty brand can change too. It’s not trapped because I put ‘yo-yo’ in the name.

So this will sound like 3rd person speak and in a way it is but I’m going to refer to the brand as MikeMonty and me as well, me. MikeMonty as a brand seems to be most well known for smooth flowy and complex yo-yo tricks and tutorials covering wide ranges of skills in the 1a (string trick) division of yo-yoing. It’s also slowly becoming known for making fixed axle yo-yo’s and tricks of that nature. I think knowing that helps me know where to focus my time and also what to communicate to the world on my various platforms.

On the website I would like to focus on education, supplies, and communication. So the main features will the a learning center to organize all past, present, and future tutorials (tips, tricks, etc.), a shop where I will sell the yo-yo products I manufacture, have made, or simply believe in, and finally the blog, where I will communicate primarily with my audience (friends, family, and fans).

I had started the process of importing and organizing my tutorials via blog posts initially and I’m not so sure about having gone that route because those posts show up in the blog but don’t fit just right. So I’m going to remove the posts, turn them into pages instead, and build a more static education section of the website. It may take a little more effort to update than adding a blog post and letting the website automatically display it based on preset rules, but for achieving the results I’m looking for and actually putting time and effort into the process of making a solid educational tool for the world (gotta think about it that way to motivate myself) I need a little more of a hands on approach.

Social media has been an interesting challenge for me as well. I go through phases where I’m highly motivated to post frequently and create unique and compelling videos to share on the various networks I’m participating on, namely Instagram and Facebook with a half-assed approach to YouTube for the last five years. I’ve also tentatively began working on a TikTok account. I think TikTok may be more appropriate for reaching the broader public as it’s growing quickly and the format is doing something to music, which seems perfect for yo-yoing. There are already a handful of throwers on the platform and the ones who have been there for a while seem to be having great results. But it’s another thing for me to do, and that’s a problem right now, because I’m barely doing anything.

I think I’m going to start keeping track of social media on here as well, there is a way to add number tracking badges to the site to keep track of followers or other stats, I’ll add something like that to the site with links to the pages.


Well, that’s all for now, hope you’re having a good week so far!


2 thoughts on “A little bit of work

  1. Good to see you communicating on here again.
    While I can’t do any of the tricks, I do love watching what you seem to do so effortlessly.
    Carry On!

    1. Thank you 🙂 slowly brushing all the dust off my various communication channels lol!

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