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MagicYoYo K1

I saw MagicYoYo had a budget plastic yo-yo with some hubstacks on it and wanted to give it a try. I ordered in the K1 in a transparent blue. It came with a thin bearing, making it a responsive yo-yo. It does have a bit of vibe to it but as it’s a beginner yo-yo that’s not terribly important or a huge detractor. The hubstacks are fun, but with the responsive design they’re a little scary to use unless you’re just doing pull starts over and over again. Overall I’d say if you’re just beginning, give it a try, and if you’ve been yo-yoing for a while now, maybe consider something like the N11 or T9.

MagicYoYo K1
MagicYoYo K1 Yo-Yo and Accessories

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 9

This week I spent the bulk of my time catching up on a backlog of unboxings and a Let’s Play Yo-Yo episode so I didn’t post too many tricks. Hence the shorter compilation videos.

MagicYoYo T9 unboxing:

MikeMonty giveaways:

Lowkey Throws Arbor unboxing:

Chris Deemie’s Counterweight unboxing:

Let’s Play Yo-Yo S2E4:

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Unboxing the Chris Deemie / 3D printed counterweights

Earlier this month I picked up the 3D printed Counterweights that Chris Deemie designed and Steve Brown sold on I picked up the plain barrel, the bearing “patent ending” barrel, and the special locking bobber Counterweights. They’re all very cool, I personally use the bobber the most but fidget spin with the counterweight one even more. ????

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Unboxing and testing the MagicYoYo T9

Lately I’ve been asked about the MagicYoYo T9 a few times, so I picked up one to test out and see what I thought about it. It’s great for the price. It comes with two bearings, one makes it responsive for beginner/intermediate play and one makes it unresponsive for advanced/expert play. It’s a great starter yo-yo and was surprisingly good. If you want a chance to win this and see this before June 5th 2020, go here:

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Unboxing and testing the Arbor Yo-Yo by Lowkey Throws

I picked up this Arbor off one of my discord members in our BST. I’ve always wanted one and this one was going for a good price so I went ahead and picked it up. It’s got a gold finish to it. I thought the panels were walnut but now I’m starting to think they may be Honduran Rosewood, after browsing the pictures on Additionally what I call a gold finish they call antique bronze. Whatever, it’s a beautiful throw, I’m happy to add it to my budding collection!

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 8

Lots of guests this week! Memento’s have been going out a lot the past few weeks and now we have a decent group of people posting tricks with them, thank you all for posting and talking about them, you’ve really helped spread awareness for the new Yo-Yo! Plus it’s more fun to see other people in these videos than just myself. If you want to get featured with your Memento, make sure to use the #mementoyoyo hashtag or tag @mikemonty on Instagram 🙂

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 6

Week six encompasses tricks posted from 050220 to 050820. We’re in the thick of 5A May right now so there has been a lot of counterweight tricks recorded lately. We also have shipped 29 Memento yo-yo’s around the United States and a few European countries. So hopefully next week we’ll have some guest trick videos to incorporate into the compilation video. Also mentioned was the restart of Let’s Play Yo-Yo, wherein I am going through the Level Up system by YoTricks as a way to challenge myself to learn stuff again on a regular basis.