Random art project

I’ve been wanting to make some Idaho themed cards for a while now. The other day I noticed a deck of the alphabet my kids no longer needed, so I began searching for symbols that represent Idaho and A and began practicing a few of them. I want to cover the cards in symbols that represent the state while being constrained to the letter of the card. I wonder what I’ll find in z and x?

Here’s some progress pictures of the practice sheet. The card is 2.5”x3.5” so I’ll need to condense stuff or go “full bleed” and let some of the art get cut off at the edges of the cards. Smaller than I have now will be pushing my abilities to make the eyes. Which are already an issue for me.

That’s where I’m leaving it for the night. I will need to reorient the various symbols and add some more then get started on painting the card itself. Which is making me nervous for some reason. At least if I mess up I can go over the paint once it’s dry.

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