Michael Montgomery is a professional yo-yoer from Idaho in the United States. He is the father of Weston and Willow and lives in a town named Emmett, where he has lived the majority of his life. Now the owner of a yo-yo brand of his own, conveniently named MikeMonty, he spends the majority of his time focused on the day to day aspects of running the brand. Video creation being a primary aspect of that work, graphic design being a secondary.

MikeMonty’s History


Michael has been a yo-yoer since 2003, when he discovered there was more to the hobby than just walking the dog or rocking the baby. Until that moment every time he got his hands on a yo-yo he would throw around the world, rock the baby, or forward pass until he got bored and put it down for a few months. And then one July while he was attending Camp Ida Haven in McCall, Idaho, Michael met a man named Gary, a yo-yoer who lived about 20 miles away and had a bi-weekly yo-yo club.

Ever since then a whole universe of tricks became available. Seeing all the things the other local yo-yoers from the club could do Michael became engrossed in the hobby and sport of yo-yoing. Learning all the tricks he could from a VHS tape called How to Be a Player by Duncan Yo-Yo’s, and then learning more tricks from the guys at the yo-yo club and later videos posted around various yo-yo sites like Ken’s World on a String, Sector-Y, the Glass Lab, and even the National Yo-Yo League website.


The first content Michael attended or competed in was the US National Yo-Yo Contest in October of 2004. I placed 29th in the 1A preliminary round. This was held in Chico, CA in a park nearby Bird in Hand, where the national yo-yo museum is located.


2005 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Contest

The second yo-yo contest Michael attended and competed in was the 2005 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Contest at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. This was the first year this contest was organized and was essentially a state level contest but it drew a lot of yo-yoers from Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Canada, and more.

This contest took place in February, Michael placed 5th in the 1a Freestyles.

2005 National Yo-Yo Contest

At the 2005 National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico, CA Michael was able to compete in all of the freestyle divisions except for 3A. He made it into the finals for the offstring division.

2005 Bay Area Classic

In June of 2005 we traveled to San Mateo California to compete in the Bay Area Classic contest at Talbots Toys.

2005 Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest

Michael organized and judged the 2005 Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest at the Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho.

2005 Inland Empire Yo-Yo Contest

The 2005 Inland Empire Yo-Yo Contest occurred in Spokane, Washington. Michael and his family carpooled up with Matt Lewis and Sarah Jones, all of which competed at the contest. Michael was lucky enough to earn 2nd place in all three divisions at this contest, 1A Freestyle, Open Freestyle, and the Sport Ladder.


2006 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Contest

Michael placed 3rd in the 1A and Open freestyle divisions of the 2006 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Contest.

2006 Bay Area Classic


Columbia Basin Yo-Yo Challenge – 2nd Place

Double-Take Industries


Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest in Emmett

In 2008 Michael organized the Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest in Emmett, Idaho at the Emmett City Park band shell during the annual Cherry Festival event.


Western Idaho State Fair Yo-Yo Contest

In 2009 Michael competed in a yo-yo freestyle contest at the Western Idaho State Fairground, where he came in 1st place.




2012 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championship

PNWR12 1A Prelim – 4th Place

Michael prepared for and competed in the PNWR12 again after taking a few years off of competing. The contest was completely different, and insanely large compared to the prior years he had attended the contest, but luckily the preperation worked and Michael was able to make the cut into finals with a 4th place prelim.

After completing his preliminary freestyle Michael was introduced to Ray and Todd of Monkeyfinger Design (MFD) a Canadian yo-yo company who had a booth at the contest, by Jenn Jen of Twisted Strings, who was working in a partnership project with MFD at the time.

After a short discussion about their company and testing out some of their prototypes of early versions of the Gelada yo-yo, they offered Michael his first sponsorship, which

Idaho State Yo-Yo Champion

In 2012 Michael was able to compete in the state yo-yo contest for the first time after the organization role was taken over by Dave Bazan where he procured the state title in the 1A freestyle division.

2012 United States National Yo-Yo Contest

Michael’s scoring from the 2012PNWR contest allowed him to be seeded into the preliminary division of the National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico, California that year.




2015 Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest

The 2015 Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest was organized by Tyler Jorgensen and was held on the Idaho State University campus. Michael judged the contest and had an opportunity to perform a demo freestyle for the audience after the judging completed.


Tree City Yo-Yo Contest

The Tree City Yo-Yo Contest happened in 2016 in front of Time Zone Toys in Meridian, Idaho. The contest was organized by Dave Bazan. Michael was able to procure a 2nd place finish in the contest, having had minimal practice leading up to the event. Long story short he wasn’t planning to attend due to familial obligations but it worked out for him to attend, and was talked into competing at the last minute by Dave.)