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Posted a really hard trick, seems like people are liking it

I started working on this trick just shy of a month ago. I had been looking through some old videos and saw this wrap/unwrap thing I once used to tinker with but never really took anywhere and decided to spend some time on it. After finally finding an interesting and techy way into the mount I quickly came to see that the exit from that mount perfectly set up a move for landing a gunslinger hook I had recently learned, and so I added that in there. Immediately after that I was left in another mount that perfectly fit a different element I started working with in 2017. Basically this is a conglomeration of a bunch of abandoned tricks that all lead up to a flashy slap bind behind my arm.

Exploring and attempting to improve my consistency at strange mounts that I don’t see the majority of my peers performing has always been somewhat important to me over the years. I thought I should take advantage of the obscure and diverse inputs to create and interesting and uncommon trick. Hopefully I’ve accomplished that! 🙂

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Lots of eBay lessons in a very short amount of time

Some of you who have been following my exploits over the various social media platforms of late (probably three of you) might have possibly noticed that I have gotten into flipping items on eBay more seriously as of late. If you weren’t aware… well yea. So I’ve been listing a lot of things on eBay. That’s basically it, that and shipping things when and if they ever sell. It’s fun. It makes enough to pay my few bills and it seems like the more time I put into it on a daily basis, the more money it can make.

Time in can be shipping items that have sold, which is a process I’m learning to love and have previously sucked at. Or still somewhat do. More on that later. Time in can also be searching for an item I have to sell for a family member to see if it is selling, what for, and then taking the additional time to list and describe it as best I can and then hope it sells for something that won’t piss off said friend of family member.

It’s fun. But there have been a few lessons in the last week that I’m not too happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy so soon into my new enterprise. First that comes to mind, ship one item from start to finish at a time. Do not print all your labels at once, box everything at once, and then apply labels to boxes after they are closed. I was only shipping two items, two incredible hulk items I found for a steal and was super excited about until one of the item’s recipients contacts me with a polite, “As much as I’d love to keep this cooler item, something got mixed up here.” message and I jumped back into customer service mode from back in my office days.

Shipping labels from each recipient to the other were generated quickly, apologies were written and sent quickly, a resolution was explained quickly, and only the slightest bit of worry about exposing two customers addresses to each-other crossed my mind and I crossed my fingers that they’d appreciate the quick resolution of my complete fuck up and hopefully not be too pissed. I offered them both refunds, luckily they were gracious, citing, “we all make mistakes / are human” and telling me to keep the money. One panicked bit of worry dealt with. Lesson only cost me some dignity and 14 dollars to generate the two new shipping labels. Now I pack items one at a time from start to finish.

Next lesson, might be obvious, but if you are going to sell an item that has been opened it would be wise to check and make sure all the pieces are there. So I have a few model cars I am selling right now, I opened up this previously opened box, saw all the pieces were bagged, saw the instructions were there, saw the plastic sprue things that the pieces had originally been cast onto while in the mold, tossed them figuring they were trash anyways. Closed the box, listed it for 6.99 and was done with it.

Now, it sounds like I checked. I looked, I saw the pieces. But I didn’t grab the instructions and look at every single piece and make sure it was there. And I think I should have. I think this was a mistake more of laziness. I wanted to hope and assume all the pieces were there and not have to deal with it. Just be done with this item and move on to the next one. Instead of taking my time and making sure to not list something incomplete I just rushed through the process and ended up having to refund the buyer of the model car because the BODY OF THE CAR was NOT IN THE BOX.

How the fuck did I miss that? Are you kidding me? So what do I learn from this? Well, I already know I’m lazy, and I don’t see myself changing that quickly. So for the immediate future I’ll only sell items that are sealed or are strictly as is. I don’t like making such stupid mistakes. All I can tell the dude is I’m sorry I sent you an item with a missing part and refund him. In the meantime I look like an idiot because how did I miss that the car body, the most important piece, wasn’t in the box?

Oh well, packaged items from now on. Maybe as I get more into this and develop a more refined work ethic I’ll find myself motivated to nitpick a 150+ piece item that might bring $6.99 in if I’m lucky. Could you imagine if it had been something insanely rare and sold for $1000 or more and I had to refund it because it didn’t have the body in it? I may need to focus better while I’m working, looking at those two things.

That’s all I guess. 🙂

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It’s windy out

It’s definitely fall. The trees are all changing colors and the horrid cold wind has begun to blow through the hills around our house. There’s a repetitive metallic tink tink tink of a windmill blowing around. This almost river through the pine trees while you’re camping sound takes over, and then silence. Just as quickly as the powerful gusts come they go again, off to spin a windmill elsewhere I guess. Meanwhile I’m sitting here trying to decide what to focus on.

I have a video project that has to be uploaded and live at midnight. As far as I’m concerned it’s done but I still have to get an ‘okay’ on it before I schedule it.

I have art to draw for the final video in the project, which I have been struggling with.

I have a Cambium (yo-yo) to woodburn flames onto for the lucky Instagram winner.

I have several hundred items I can and should be listing on eBay, Facebook Market Place, and Craigslist.

I also can’t seem to get this idea out of my head that I should be spending some of my time each day writing (hence what I’m doing now) ideally on a book idea. I want to write a story. I have a few concepts I’ve been kicking around for a few years on a Wattpad account. I’m not too pleased with them, I honestly have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to writing a story and I’m sure it shows. But I just want to do it. I’ve always felt like I should be writing.

The wind is back again. Now I can hear it whistling down the chimney. They’re going to be playing Christmas music again soon…