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Importing content has been time consuming

I’ve been working on the site a lot this week. Mostly working on the site in fact. I have been able to film and post a few short trick sessions here and there by utilizing Instagram live but the footage quality is lacking and most of the tricks that I do land cleanly aren’t all that perfect so I struggle to want to post them. But better something than nothing. And the more often I go live and make up tricks to the music in my headphones the better I’ll get, the more opportunities I will have to practice new elements out to music, and in general, any time spent yo-yoing is usually a good time.

Today I wanted to talk about what I’ve worked on and then what I’m thinking of doing next.

On the website this week I learned how the portfolio function worked and discovered that it was better for organizing, displaying, and categorizing videos. Trick tutorials can be sorted into various difficulty levels but I can also add the ability for search by attributes (slack, tech, horizontal, 1a, 2a, etc). I am also using this for the watch page, where I am displaying any shows I have made, currently only Let’s Play Yo-Yo is displayed, but I will add all of my videos not in the learn section here, old trick videos, vlogs, contest coverage, and anything else I feel inclined to display.

As far as the content I am creating currently goes, the plan is to begin making Let’s Play Yo-Yo again. I would like it to be more of a daily to every-other-day sort of production. It would allow me to be more topical, run it more like a show and less like one off videos so that I can interact with the audience between videos, and after a few days of working on a trick and finally landing it I can go back, edit down however many videos it took to hit the trick into one shorter overview that would be more like a one off video. This way I’m working on new tricks all the time, and when I’m done working on the trick the people who don’t care about watching the boring learning part can watch the finished, polished, video showing a quick learning process with all the best parts and none of the drudgery.

I’ve been dragging my feet on doing this because I’ve over thought how nice it all needs to be or how much energy I need to have in the video. Then then other day I found out most people like my stuff because I’m laid back anyways, so I decided to just move forward with making the show and ignore what I think will happen because I’m probably wrong lol.

Wanting to make the show again forced me to put time into the Watch page, which now prominently displays all of the let’s play yo-yo episodes of completed tricks and the one part of an uncompleted Zach Gormley trick. After organizing the videos and discovering I left a trick partway through allowed me to save time deciding on what trick to work on in part two of episode 14. I’ll be honest I’m not looking forward to it but I have a lot more time to focus on it now and may actually be able to hit it.

So what happens if I can’t seem to make any progress on a trick? Then I start another trick. I can be learning as many tricks at the same time as I need to ensure I am able to post something that has moved forward that day. If I rotate to another trick when the one I’m working on is stuck it’ll allow me to continue to improve elsewhere and allow me to come back with a clear mind another day. There’s less pressure to simply quit because things got hard and more excitement to try something else. Who knows if it’ll work but I’m just deciding that now. Honestly there never were any rules so it doesn’t matter, but I still felt like sharing my thoughts on it.

I’ve also finished moving all of my files into one place and they are beginning to become organized. I’ve also downloaded a program called Tabbles, which sounds like a possible option for adding tags to my files so their easier to search and use. I have no clue but anything is better than where I was before with everything (and 40gb of duplicate files) scattered everywhere and not being able to know where anything I was looking for was.

I’m hoping by adding this software into the mix I’ll be able to find and reduce even more duplicates so I can move forward with creating a few copies of the files and then start using them to make content. That’s the main thing I’m excited about when it comes to working on these files, they’re full of 15 years of self made yo-yo content. I realize its not perfect but I am excited that I have it available to illustrate points, tell stories, etc.

That’s all for now, hope you’re all well!


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Seeing the light at the end of the file organizing tunnel

Hey Internet Friends!

It’s been a long day. I woke up at about 7am, resumed organizing the files already on my external hard drive chronologically, finished that around 8pm, and now I’ve been waiting for the files on this laptop to transfer to the drive. I’m trading the laptop and a camera I no longer use for a different, better laptop that I used to own. Long story, but thankfully it will allow me to work on videos faster.

Speaking of videos, because this week was largely dominated by this compulsion to organize my data, I’ve obviously been slacking on that front. I’ve been thinking of a way to do a daily show. I really want the ability to make a daily video that would be entertaining or informative (or both) that would allow me to interact with an audience via comments or live streams when the videos are being created. Ideally they would require no editing and would be created in one shot.

Obviously it would be about yo-yoing. Low hanging fruit would be teach whatever is on my mind at the time and show something I’m working on or learning. Basically yo-yo themed show and tell. Throw and Tell? Why do I like to use puns in my project names? Unless I think of anything better lets go with that. I would like the shows to have a structured format so I have a general idea of what I’ll be doing or talking about. And preferably there is minimal industry coverage because frankly I suck at staying caught up with the ever changing world of yo-yo. Though if I had a daily show (ie a reason to do so) maybe that would change…

I feel like I’ve been sent back to 2009 to retry all of the various video projects I was working on. I just have to modernize them.

Anyways the format would be intro > show topics (kinda intro related but separate) > education topic > daily discussion (could be topical, probably will just be a response to comments) > community highlight (a subscriber, fan, follower, etc that has done something cool recently that would be fun to share… I’m going to have to edit these if I do that.) > ending.

I have shied away from daily projects that require editing because they tend to get ended by my life becoming overwhelming. That being said I have a lot more control over that now… Well, I need to get back to working on this file transfer so the laptop is ready for tomorrow.

Goodnight folks!


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It’s a little weird organizing files from your life

Hi internet friends,

I’ve been organizing my digital life off and on for several years now. Only recently have I started taking it seriously because I got all of the files on to one hard drive (or I did now it’s on my laptop too, which I’m rushing to fix) and I’ve been organizing them slowly by date. I haven’t figured out another organizational system yet, they aren’t easy to search for because no one seems to care about organizing their personal files and talking about it online.

I was hoping to find some sort of system/app that could take any file, organize it by date, let me tag it, give it descriptions, and sort by type. But these that exist seem to only allow one type of file or are heavily featured towards pictures or music but have no usefulness towards documents and video. I feel like I have done a lot of searching. It sounds like what I’m looking for may be something large businesses use to organize files around projects. Perhaps law firms.

Regardless I’m going old school, digitally. I’m organizing the files by the year, month, and day they were created. This is just a start. Once everything is organized chronologically… well honestly I’m not sure what I’m expecting but the goal is to put everything I create that I want to keep around at least organized chronologically. I think my first order of business once this has been done is to create a timeline of my life. I feel compelled to do this, I think it’ll help me be able to make better and more informed plans. Or perhaps force me to confront any parts of my past that need resolution.

It’s very weird, as I’ve been going through these files I get sent off on tangents down memory lane. Some good. A lot have been intertwined with bitter memories though. Forcing myself to sit here and simply organize the files, or memories, and not necessarily open them if they seem to trigger my stress has made it easier to work on organizing them. Before I would get distracted by anything, and suddenly I had spiraled myself into depression and didn’t want to get anything done. Now at least I can continue organizing. And seeing the files or memories in passing has gotten easier.

I believe this is a makeshift attempt at self therapy or maybe it simply has therapeutic benefits for depression/disassociation. At the very least the sense of things being together is what is compelling me to focus on this. The coolest side affect of this project is how it’s seemingly tying myself back to my past. I’m seeing all of these interesting things I would like to retry, trick mainly. Some yo-yo design ideas. There are people I use to admire that have disappeared, I’d love to know where they ended up, and then I think about how that could be a cool video or podcast interview.

It’s a slow process though. I haven’t made any videos this week because of it. Well, barely any, I did post a few freestyles. Speaking of which, I should get back to it, I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!


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Walnut Cambium’s Sold Out

I may have stacked the deck in my favor to sell out the first run by only making two, but we did it! 😉 The two walnut Cambium’s have been claimed and now I have to stop making excuses and go make some more yo-yo’s.

I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who has been giving the Cambium (and occasional one offs) a shot these past few months. It has been cool to start seeing my work show up in your pictures and videos. If you do buy, win, or otherwise obtain some of my work please feel free to tag me @mikemonty. It’s cool to see how far away it’s ended up. I would like to start pinning out a world map with the places they have been.

For anyone interested I will be making five more of these in the next run. If you want to pre-order yours you may by visiting the Walnut Cambium page in the shop, assuming they don’t all get pre-ordered the remaining will be up in the shop when they’re ready.