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Figuring out what to work on

It’s just turned 11:30pm on a Monday night. The house is quiet. At least it is now. Only a few minutes earlier my daughter tumbled out of her bed and needed to be soothed back to sleep. She’s almost two and though she’s been on a toddler bed for a couple of months now, she still finds ways to fall out of it. I think she is trying to get out of bed to go play and tumbles because it’s dark.

So, it’s quiet. The dog is sleeping on my legs behind the bright laptop screen and an ozone thing my mom has in the living room is humming away, making the air better. It’s supposed to filter the air and neutralize stuff like mold and bacteria. It gives the air a tin-like odor. I imagine this means it’s doing its job.

Besides the light of the screen the room is virtually black. I just took some time to undo a mistake I made on the website’s database last night. You see I know virtually nothing about how to use a website database, so I’m the last person who should be touching mine. But my original version of this website is contained in a database that keeps failing to import so I tried to just import it manually. Nothing seemed to happen and my website started running slower.

Luckily I decided to make this foray into website ownership idiot proof and took advantage of godaddy’s cheap WordPress hosting, it backs up the website’s files and databases on a daily basis, meaning a couple of clicks undid the 8 hour mistake I made yesterday.

It’s all a little frustrating. That database I can’t seem to restore has hundreds of hours of work inside it that could save me that time right now in getting this site up to the level of completion that I would be proud to make a big launch once my order from Recess arrives. But as it stands I think I may do a soft launch. Just get the products up in the shop, continue to add tutorials to the site, rebuild the crash course for incoming first timers wanting to learn the hobby, and so much more.

There is a mountain of work to be done and I am excited to do it. My spare time is limited however and getting motivated to actually do the work when I have a moment has been challenging. I think I need to outline the work I feel needs to be completed and then when I have a spare moment pick one of those things off the list and do it. Then I am not wasting spare time thinking about what I’d like to do, I am picking something to do and spending my thinking on how to do it.

That’s kind of why I started writing this tonight. On a daily basis for a handful of weeks I have been recording around an hour of yo-yo practice per day, essentially grinding towards my world championship goal. But there is no direction in these practice sessions. I simply turn on music, yo-yo, record and upload the session, and repeat. This is great in that it’s better than doing nothing, but it’s not very effective.

I am also running into the problem of file size. This videos are a few gigabytes each and I’m on slow “out in the country” internet that can take a day and a half or more to upload a file that size. That causes a problem where I have too much to upload and no time to do it. So that needs to change. I originally started the daily show with the goal of getting myself uploading daily content again. That worked until the content got too long. But I can’t just make my practice sessions shorter to compensate, that would make them less effective.

So I need to decide on a focus for my daily practices. I could be learning a trick and sharing progress from that on a daily or weekly basis. I could be making up a trick or perfecting the execution of a trick and documenting and sharing the final results of that. I could be making a short routine. Those are a few things that I could do instead of simply making everything up on the fly for an hour each day and never knowing what I’m going to do with what I just did.

Anyways, I don’t want to write too much of a book right now, lets just make a couple bulleted lists of things I want to consider working on or doing and call it a night.

For the website

  • I need to add all of my YouTube trick tutorials to the website. (I’m not certain how many there are but I will find out.)
  • I need to rebuild my Yo-Yo Crash Course
  • I need to add the products to the store (once they arrive)
  • Need to build the bio page out a little.

For Yo-Yo Practice

  • I need to pick what I will be practicing in the next video at the end of each video.
  • I need a list tricks to learn
  • I need a few trick elements I want to build off of
  • I need to start creating a routine, I would like a few practice sessions to be focused on building 15 second increments of a routing that can be pieced together in future practice sessions.

Something I want to mention is my daily goal is more of a guideline. I want to be posting daily videos, but understand that the rest of my life is quite demanding of my time and so this stuff will be done as I can. I think having edited videos to post will make it easier to upload them faster and I will be happier to share them. So I will, moving forward, focus on polished content as frequently as possible. Daily as soon as I can.