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Some things are a changin

As most of you who come to my website know I have been spending a good portion of the last year if not the last two years focusing very heavily and intently on the pursuit of success. It has led me down many interesting roads, and though I have learned much I still have so far to go. I realized tonight however that while I am only on the doorstep, I have learned enough to know this time is different. Already I am staring out into this amazing world full of opportunity and I feel excited. For the first time ever I feel confident that my businesses will be successful because what I know now is that the only time you don’t get the things you wanted is because you gave up too soon. Looking back in my own life I know this is true.

If you make that simple idea your primary objective, you will get whatever you want. Look at Edison, Vaynerchuk, Jobs, Gates, Kern, Ferriss, Musk, Robbins, Proctor, Brown, Kanary, or any of the countless others that dedicate a good portion of their time, not trying to simply motivate you, but to awaken you. To shake your shoulders fiercely and demand you understand┬ácompletely that the only reason you aren’t where you want to be is you aren’t doing absolutely everything in your power to move the line further ahead.

So long as you focus on always moving forward, making your way closer and closer to your goals, or better yet, your ideals, you will feel alive. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you feel excited to be working on even the most menial of tasks, even the ones you have to do no matter what because there’s not a way to automate it yet. But so long as you know it’s just a single brick in the long road to where you want to be, it is nonetheless another step forward.

Generally speaking your goal as an entrepreneur is to make sure you are constantly placing bricks on the road to your objective. While you are doing that you must take regular breaks from “working in your business” and switch to “working on your business”. During these breaks your new objective as an entrepreneur to identify higher yielding opportunities that could place 100 bricks in a single move.

These “things to do” are most often scalable, for instance you could stop teaching all of your students one on one and instead teach groups. You still use the same amount of time and similar amounts of effort, but you get more in return for your efforts. ┬áMaking time to plan and research better methods of utilizing your time and resources, (“Sharpening the saw”) and then doing those high yielding activities when you switch back into “working in your business” mode will help you to catapult yourself forward.

So what the hell am I writing this for anyways? Well I’ve recently decided that I am going to start sorting my content in a way that feels right to me. I am going to make be more of an online journal where if I felt so inclined I could share my raw thoughts, show behind the scenes highlights of my personal life and occasional invasions by the two businesses I am building. It’s basically my home on the internet. All of my yo-yo related content is going to be migrated over to in the near future, organized logically to be most useful to the end user, and I will post any yo-yo trick circles and Burgeon Yo-Yo related pictures I take. I may still have random yo-yo stuff leak into the MikeMonty brand because, obviously, with 14 years of yo-yoing under my belt it’s a big chuck of my identity.

What I realized though is that while yo-yoing is a big chunk of my life it’s not the only chunk of me that I am interested in sharing with the world. Take this for instance: I have been building websites since I was 10 years old. I may not be the best in the world but because of 17 years of experience in owning websites, testing out various marketing techniques, writing books, making video courses, building mailing lists, having online sales, analyzing websites and creating reports on how to make the sites better, written marketing plans, helped sell several thousands of dollars of websites by being able to deliver the results they wanted with the help of the team I had. So as that long winded humble brag suggests, I really enjoy a lot of this online stuff, even though I allowed my knowledge of development plateau way to soon, just by being in the space for this long I have learned a very large and valuable chunk of information.

I plan to basically give that information away on It is my hope that because I am giving away all the knowledge I have first, that people will come to me when they need my help with something more advanced. I am excited to be writing these posts. I haven’t felt comfortable posting them anywhere until now, when I realized that this is my website and I can say whatever I want here! ­čÖé (Within reason.)