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Review of the Skyva by MagicYoYo and Jeffrey Pang

Mike reviews the Skyva (aka fingerspin machine) made by MagicYoYo and designed by Jeffrey Pang. If you have been seeing this yoyo around on Instagram and YouTube then you already know some of its highlights, namely its insane ability to pull off extremely long fingerspins. This review does touch on that, but also is an in depth analysis of the all of the Yo-Yo’s features and abilities.

Want a chance to win one? Mike ( and Andrew Woodford ( are giving away two of the Skyva’s featured in this review and Andrew’s unboxing (link to come). To be entered to win one you have to subscribe to both of our channels and leave a comment on this review video and Andrew’s. On Friday the 29th of July, 2016 Mike and Andrew will go through their comments, see who commented on both videos, then see who of those people are subscribed to both channels. Those who are will be in the drawing. Winners will be notified by reply comment, youtube message if available, or any other method needed to alert the winner.

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Yo-Yo Review of the Big Dipper by CLYW

Mike reviews the Big Dipper by CLYW in this video. It’s a signature yo-yo of world yo-yo champion Zach Gormley. A positive review overall, a few items I think could be improved in future releases that aren’t technically a necessity but would show an attention to detail that would help. Definitely worth the $35 they recommend it be sold for.

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My one-minute freestyle for the r/Throwers Freestyle Contest

Moby put together one hell of a contest and did a great job organizing. I just wanted a change to test out my freestyle composing system. I think it worked out pretty good. As far as organizing tricks in a way that feels right with the music before you even starting to practice your routine goes. And then having those tricks planned at specific cues really helped. It took me about 2 hours of practicing to get it to where it is in this video. If I had given myself a few more days I probably could have gotten it flawless at least once. Problem is, at a contest you get one shot, one opportunity. (Mom’s spaghetti)

Go watch yesterday’s vlog where I show you how I made this freestyle:¬†How I made a yoyo freestyle in one day