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Intelligence Gap

On my drive home from work last night I started thinking about how our planet has changed so much in the short 24 years I have lived on it and i got stuck on the following ideas:

Do you feel like there will be a point where intelligence grows to a level unachievable to most? That our own need to know everything will cause the few capable of doing so to soar and push the bar even higher. I feel like this will make the demand for a scientific career path diminish. The bar has gotten too high.

The subject that seems too difficult to bother with will lead to the unimaginably large mass of uneducated individuals. These individuals will be far enough behind in their adoption of modern technology that the thought of participating in the development of the forefront of that same technology will undoubtedly seem illogical to even consider.

We are creating a brand new fork in the road of our evolutionary path. It will probably end up being that the largely uneducated mass of humans will bring about their own demise. Confusing tested scientific theories with nonsensical guesses of common fool. Fearing development as something we don’t understand, and halting our progression as an intelligent species out of a culturally condoned fear of risk.

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Alex Gallimore’s Decaying Meat Tower – Let’s Play Yo-Yo – Ep. 011

In episode 11 of Let’s Play Yo-Yo Mike learns a complicated technical slack trick called Decaying Meat Tower by Alex Gallimore. Unlike your typical sidestyle yo-yo tricks that start with a breakaway, this one starts with a throwdown. In addition to learning this insane trick, Mike also answers a few questions from viewers including, “What was your first expensive yo-yo?” and “How do you run your bearings?”

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