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For more info about the BassBoost please visit

Hey guys, people have been asking to see the new Double-Take Industries BassBoost yo-yo in action and I’ve been a few days overdue recording my monthly trick video. These are a few of the tricks I’ve been working on this month and I’ll tell you what, the first one in the video took 20 minutes to land with wind and the combination of some of the most complex and technical trick elements I’ve messed with in a long time. I hope you enjoy it! Out of all my clips so far this is my favorite.

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Corbin Higley – The One Year Project

Corbin Higley
From Corbin's Facebook

I met Corbin through Facebook. He’s one of the cool yo-yo dudes who is trying to become a great yo-yoer and has a really interesting method though which he’s trying to achieve this. Rather than try and guess what this is all about I went straight to the source and asked him about his project:

Mike: So before we get to the project, would you mind telling us who is Corbin Higley? How old are you, what do you do, what got you into yo-yo’s, etc.?

Corbin: Well, to put things simply, I’m just a 16 year old kid with an interest in film and yoyos… I guess I started yoyoing a little over 3 years ago, when I got a cheap bookstore yoyo for christmas…I’ve pretty much been yoyoing since. When I’m not yoyoing, or making yoyo videos, I’m probably doing school.

Mike: What is the one year project about? Why did you start it?

Corbin: My One Year Project is an idea I had, where at the end of every month, I’ll make a yoyo video showcasing what tricks I’ve come up with during the month, but also portray the basic feel of how I felt by the end of that month. Does that make sense? I guess I started it because I wanted to get better in both film AND yoyoing…so I decided to make videos on a constant basis, sort of as practice, but also so I could go back later on and watch the videos, and see how I’ve grown from them.

Mike: We’re three months into the year now, how do you feel about the project so far?

Corbin: I feel pretty good about the project so far. I already feel like I’ve been growing from it, and I think it’ll be fantastic when the whole thing is completed.

Mike: December rolls around, the last video comes out, what will be different?

Corbin: Well, I think I’ll be a way better yoyoer than I was in January, and I think that I’ll have a good set of 12 good to great yoyo videos!

Mike: Are you working on any other yo-yo projects? What will you do once this is over?

Corbin: I AM working on another yoyo project, actually…though I don’t think I’m gonna say anything about it yet, I’m excited for it. I don’t know how people will perceive it, and i don’t know if everybody will like it, but it’s something that I don’t think has been attempted in the yoyo community yet.

Mike: Anything you’d like to add? Thanks for your time, Corbin!

Corbin: Yeah, I’d like to say that my camcorder is screwy at the moment, so if any video is later than I said they’d be, I apologize. Other than that, though, I think that’s everything! Thank YOU Michael. :]

The One Year Project:



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The Top 5 Yo-Yo Blogs

This post is long overdue, I’ve been wanting to help narrow down what I feel are some of the best of the best resources for yo-yo information. Whether you’re new and have just started learning how to yo-yo or your a veteran thrower looking to catch up on what’s new in the community, these sites will give you quick information about what is going on and what is to come.

And as always, I’d love to know what you think, did I miss someone important? Who would you have picked and why?

(Note: I picked the following blogs due to their noncommercial nature, I may do a post about stores later on)

The Glass Lab

Founder: Brian Cabildo | Twitter: (none found)

The glass lab is one of the oldest running yo-yo blogs out there, they have consistently provided value to our community with trick tutorials and event coverage. It’s one of my favorite sites out there because when I got started throwing, reading about the events made it feel as if I had actually been there.


Founder: Paul Han | Twitter: @hoyitspaul

BombSquad is one of my top five yo-yo blogs because it’s an example of what a yo-yoer can do to get their name out there if they simply apply them self consistently. Paul Han has done a great job keeping his blog  updated. He is basically a filter that cuts out all the bull and leaves only awesomeness (just take a look, there are new product pictures, contests, a yo-yoer of the week, and more).


Founder: Elliot Jackson | Twitter: @Helliot

YoYoForesight is a cool little microniche blog focusing solely on “up and coming yoyo players”. There is a new video on the site almost daily showcasing someone that Elliot at YoYoForesight believes is on a path to be a great yo-yo player. It’s a great way to get right to the good stuff instead of wading through the bulk of pointless videos on youtube and vimeo.

Sector Y v2.0

Founder: Gabriel Lozano| Twitter: @Citadel712

Sector Y is another one of those original yo-yo websites. Back when I started yo-yoing it was one of the only sources on the internet (aside from theGlassLab) that had a large selection of tricks to choose from to learn. These were the days before youtube where you had to wait a long time to download your trick video first. Gabe put a load of time into this website over the years. It has transitioned recently into a blog format and they have regular updates now with the help of various (big name it seems) yo-yoers.


Founder: Chris Allen | Twitter: @DrYoYo

YoYoSkills is THE resource to go to for up to date yo-yo community information. Whenever I don’t have time to sift through the forums I jump over to Chris’ site and usually find out what was important today in just a few minutes. I love the format of the blog, I enjoy that you can comment on the posts and have a conversation. Make sure you check this on out, there’s really never a dull moment on

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Learn to Throw Book Arrives

Hey everyone! The Learn to Throw book just arrived and I wanted to share the unpacking with all of you! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way with this project, Cameron Rosenthal for taking the pictures, Erika Harmon for editing it, Adam Haroun for making the cover REALLY pop! You’re all amazing and really great people! If you’re interested in buying a copy of the book it will be available on shortly. I’ll be posting a link to it here on my website, most likely in the right hand column.

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Learn to Throw

Well I spent a lot of the end of this week pushing myself to finish the first book in my how to yo-yo series called “Learn to Throw”. Wednesday I spent a couple of hours writing down what I felt I needed to accomplish to be finished, researched a few website that I could potentially publish on, brainstormed where to take the first book.

Thursday was my hard working day. I woke up, spent an hour focusing on personal development (some audio books I stumbled across thanks to Russell Yermal), and then got dressed for business and headed down to Moxie Java with my laptop. I figured if I was going to be working on my book what better place than a coffee shop to keep me awake and get me into a groove. (My friends think I was being too cliche, I think they need to try and write a book without easy access to coffee.) After seven hours (got there at 11) I left Moxie Java for a Ren Faire Committee meeting (I’m behind on putting together their website, opps!) laptop in hand. Everything I wrote down on Wednesday that I needed to do to feel I was finished I had checked off except for the Acknowledgements page, the copyright page, and the index pages. Today I finished all of that except for the index page which I’m pretty sure I don’t need anyways.

One of my more recent decisions with this book is to publish it initially as an eBook but allow myself the option of selling physical copies if people want one (or two, or five). So I looked around and have been considering using to get started. I am also considering Amazon but considering how I can’t find any links on their website on ‘how to publish your book on amazon’ and how Lulu has a big old button on the top left side that says “publish” I think they’ll be getting my attention first.

Learn to Throw Sneak Peak

There are a few things I’d like to do before I publish it though; I have a friend at the Messenger Index here in town, Erika Harmon, who is their editor who offered to edit the book for me when it was done (she actually edited it as a transcript last year). I’d like to get her the current pdf and make sure I’m not overlooking some idiotic error. Another friend of mine, Adam Haroun who is brilliant with graphic design offered to help me out if I ever needed it and I’d like to see if he can make the cover really pop (since I’d be printing the book too, I want it to catch eyes on shelves 🙂 ). He’s amazing by the way and he’s got his own graphic design business started, you should check it out if you ever need help with graphics, I’m pretty sure you can find it through his site

I do have a few pictures of me in the book that I didn’t take that I need to ask permission to use and I would like to add a few ‘title pages’ introducing different sections of the book and lastly an updated bio that will make clear who I am, what my mission and vision are, and how to get a hold of me for help and such. After that I’m done! I can move on to writing book two for the intermediates and possibly even recording video to go along with the book. I’ve even been told by Justin Burns who I was on the Go-Giver Tour with to record an audio version of the book, he says it’s huge these days. I’m still not sure… Yo-Yoing is a rather visual hobby… I still think video would work better. What do you think?

I’ll be letting you guys know more about the book as I get closer to publishing it, it’s over due, should have been done last year, but I’m happy that I took the advice I’m always getting to ‘just freaking do it’ and that I did it. If you’re interested in buying the book at all let me know, I’ll make sure to email you when I have more info on how to get a copy for yourself or your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandsons, granddaughters, etc 🙂 Have a great weekend folks!

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Freestyle and Biz

Hey everyone! Last night I had the opportunity to perform a yo-yo freestyle (demo) at an event called: “An Evening of the Arts” here in Emmett, ID. It was a benefit event for a local high school student, Tommy Lukrich, who was raising money to help send him to an audition to be in Juilliard. I had a great time performing, the audience was really responsive without prompting (the way it should be) and after the demo I answered a few questions from the audience about yo-yo projects I’m working on (how-to book, clubs, etc) and got to watch some of the other acts for the night.

Just wanted to share the video of my Freestyle (which I got Tommy to record, thanks again Tommy! 🙂 ).

Also decided to start showing some love; it pales in comparison to and I don’t think it should, in my opinion it should make pale. But that’s what I’m going to be doing, getting the site tuned up and ready to fly. I also have a lot of plans for the company to, started a mailing list for the monthly newsletter, member of the list get a chance to win a free shirt once a month. We’re gonna start doing a monthly yo-yo video contest too, we tried it out back around june of 2009 and had a few entries and people seemed to really enjoy it. And the final three irons in the fire for now are yo-yo related. 1) We’re in the process of manufacturing our very own yo-yo that will be called the BaseBoost. We’re looking for quote on production and are moving towards prototyping. 2) We are starting the process of making one yo-yo related shirt per month. and 3) I’m going to be publishing my how-to yo-yo book as an eBook to raise funds for physical printing as well as the yo-yo manufacturing. The book will “published by” DTI. 🙂

That’s it for now. Later folks!

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Been Sick

Been sick all last week I think since Monday or so… Been trying to get rest to get better; the book club is tomorrow (Tuesday) and I’d like to be feeling at least healthy when I wake up for it at 6am. Not much else to write, I’m going to be sleeping in today (Monday) once I actually go to bed so I can take advantage of the holiday to get some more rest. When I wake up I plan to clean a little, read a little, and write a little. For now, time to sleep 🙂

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Laptop is Back

Finally got my laptop back the other day 🙂 The video I posted yesterday was basically to celebrate that. Didn’t get too much done today though; woke up with a sore throat and basically and entirely sore body. Spent the whole day resting, hoping to feel a bit better by tomorrow since I have three meetings tomorrow 🙂 Not much to say today because of this, so I’ll not waste your time, later!

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How to Untag Someone on Facebook

This video shows you how to untag someone if you were to accidentally tag them in a Video, or picture, or note (It can be used for anything that you tag a person in).

This was requested by mssmeetz1980 on YouTube: “How about if you tagged the wrong person in a video how do you untag them? Please let me know asap? Thanks.”

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A New Week

Well I took a break from writing my post yesterday and spent the day working, teaching kids how to yo-yo and ended the day by spending it with my friends. Spent a lot of today catching up on sleep from waking up at 5:30am all last week (I’m actually going to continue doing this, but I’m going to go to sleep earlier to compensate for being tired by noon 🙂 ).

I need to start structuring out my life so I can achieve my 5-year goals so I’m going to take some time once a week to write down and update weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to get me to point B five years from now.

So for this week I will start out with a to-do list, and then move up to weekly goals as I get better at this concept :).

  1. Have the first Giveaway for those who joined the DTI Newsletter and send out said newsletter.
  2. Promote the B-Cubed Book club at least once a day, distribute flyers around town, and send out emails to people who can spread the word better than I can.
  3. I need to either revise or remove the history portion of the first How To Yo-Yo Book I’ve written; it’s been a crutch to my getting the book published for too long.
  4. I need to get a prototype of my Yo-Yo or at the very least make arrangements to have it to me this week, that way it will be here for testing by the middle of next week.
  5. Sell or giveaway my first set of vending machines.

To me that’s a good stable start, I’ve done daily tasks before but these are all what I feel would be good stepping stones to bring me closer to my goals. In the meantime I’ll try to reverse engineer how to get to where I want to be so I can take more appropriate actions. I’ll also be reading a load of books, wish me luck! 🙂