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Talk Less, Do More

Something I’ve decided I’ll finally voice my opinion on and make public is the detest I’ve developed for those termed as muckrakers, or people who only complain about problems without actually doing anything about them, or at the very least offering a solution to those who are capable of fixing the problem. No, I’m not going to gripe this whole time about muckrakers, but it’s simply a conversation starter. I feel that people these days simply do too much talking, I’ve done it, I’m sure you have too, talking about the future, what you’re going to do tomorrow, what I’m going to be someday, etc. Eventually, you have to shut your mouth, think about what you’re doing, where you’re going, and why and just GO THERE.

For instance (and I’m not sure if this is ‘me talking’, call me on it if you think it is) there was no yo-yo contest in the state of Idaho until 2005. Why? No one thought to throw one. It was my first full year of yo-yoing, and I decided I didn’t want to live in a state where I and my peers didn’t have a venue to compete in friendly, sportsman-like competition to test and try our skills at yo-yoing. So? I did something about it! I started a website (my way of writing down a goal) and shot an email to a friend I had met at a distant yo-yo contest who owned a company in our industry. He agreed to sponsor the first contest, no questions asked. That one sponsor on my website got me motivated enough to call a venue, get shirts made, get about ten sponsors, get sanctioning from the American Yo-Yo Association and National Yo-Yo League. Basically the point is that I didn’t sit and complain about the problem. As a 15 year old (in 2005) I never thought to do so. I had just finished reading the book “If You Think You Can, You Can (for Teens)” and it never occurred to me to doubt myself or to even gripe about the issue.

In the right state of mind, things will just flow. If there are speed bumps along the way (and there will be) they can be easily overcome with a little bit of thinking (you have a brain for a reason)!

So, I will shut up now, but next time you have an issue pop up, instead of spreading negativity, shut your mouth, think about the situation, what caused it and what can fix it, and simply Talk Less, Do More; get the job done. You’ll feel better that you did, and people will remember that you did it.

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Took a break after IDYYC09

Well, it finally happened! After a solid month of preparation I finished organizing and executing the 2009 Idaho (State) Yo-Yo Championships at the Gem County Cherry Festival in Emmett, ID. I had 10 competitors attend and participate this year and one judge (John Bozung).

Because the other judges had some difficulties making it this year, I got to judge this year’s competition with John which was fun and informative. Here’s a picture of the participants this year:


The projects I currently have related to this ‘finished project’ include the production of an event DVD which would include images from the event, the competitors freestyles, the awards ceremony, and other various bits of info including the sponsors, judges, event staff, etc.

The other project branching off of IDYYC09 is an Event Organizer’s Handbook on how to organize a yo-yo contest. It’s my attempt to make it so easy to throw a yo-yo contest that there is no excuse not to.