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Coming back with a Yo-Yo Post

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been consistent in my posting; I’m working on a weekly schedule that will force me to update twice a week (start and finish of the week) to help me continue my growth as a writer and young entrepreneur! 🙂

I recently had an amazing opportunity thanks to Nicki Lee of the Butte View Elementary School After-School program to teach some young amazing kids how to yo-yo and wanted to share the pictures that she took with you guys! I got a lot of valuable information out of teaching these kids which will most definitely end up in my Learn to Throw (beginners yo-yoing) book.

I started out telling the kids about the history of the yo-yo, talked about some of the myths out there, and answered their questions from what kind of tricks I know, have I competed, and do I have any pets. I have a ferret. 🙂

I spent a good deal of my time making sure the kids knew how to attach the yo-yo to their hand and how to throw it correctly for optimal spin time. Taught them how to make a slip knot out of the pre-tied loop in the string and how to set the yo-yo in their hand so it rolled out correctly when they performed a ‘Throw Down’, the first trick one must learn to open the floodgates to the rest of the tricks in the yo-yo universe!

I also spent a lot of time going around working one-on-one with the kids; making sure they were holding the yo-yo correctly when they threw it, taught them each a few basic tricks such as “the Sleeper”, “Walk the Dog”, “Rock the Baby”, and one of the girls who already had some yo-yo skills learned how to perform “Around the World!”

Ultimately I had a great time and took back a lot of knowledge on what I need to improve upon in my book to make it even more effective for beginner yo-yo enthusiasts. Ultimately the knowledge was gained from those outside my target market for the book, however the data was important and I was really happy to have had the opportunity to learn it while teaching these amazing kids a few tricks and maybe even getting a few of them into the fulfilling hobby of yo-yoing!