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Another Project, Another Day

Well it’s been a short while since my last post and I felt like letting people know I’ve turned the “Learn to Throw” yo-yo class into the DTI sponsored “Emmett Yo-Yo Club”. I’m currently finalizing the logo that will be used for branding the club (like t-shirts, hats, custom yo-yos, letterhead, etc). I’m going to be acquiring some yo-yos before next Saturday and will be starting the club on that day. I plan to have posters ready by Sunday night and will be distributing them on Monday around town and to schools.

Other than working on the club I’ve finally finished illustrating the trick section of my book, “Learn to Throw: A Beginner’s Course in Yo-Yoing” and just need to enhance a few essays with outside sources and need maybe 10 drawings and 10 pictures to illustrate some how-to guides and some historical information. Otherwise the book is done and I need to seek funding for publishing it at a Print on Demand (POD) website, or I need to find a publisher to carry the book for me. Not sure which route to take just yet, it has been advised to me to attempt to get scholastic to carry the book, since they have an in with most schools and can produce huge amounts of these books. I guess we’ll see where this goes when the book is done.

Not too much else to report, feeling like I’m starting to get a cold, which sucks because it’s finally getting warm out. Oh well, more reasons to stay inside and work! Haha!

Have a nice evening everyone!