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  • Long trick combo
    Today I set up the camera and tried to string together a few elements I’ve been working on recently. Lots of flourishes and slack, trying to make more intricate things out of those, as you can see in… Read more: Long trick combo
  • Houdini X
    This is the follow up to Houdini’s Bridge Escape and why I had to record that one before moving on to this one. I stumbled into this x formation one afternoon and wanted to figure out how to… Read more: Houdini X
  • The 2004 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest
    I was 14 years old when my Mom, Carolyn, my friend Tim, his mom, Elaine, and I all crowed into my mom’s forest green four-door Saturn and began the long drive from Emmett, Idaho down to Chico, California.… Read more: The 2004 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest
  • Suppose to
    Do not do something because you think you’re supposed to, do it because you know it’s something you want to do. You only have one life, at least as far as we can tell. It’d be better spent… Read more: Suppose to
  • Houdini’s Bridge Escape
    I’ve been messing around with this Houdini mount flourish and wanted to record this variation before I forgot it. I figured “Houdini’s Bridge Escape” felt appropriate for this one.