Welcome to MikeMonty.com, the homepage of Michael Montgomery, a professional yo-yoer from Idaho in the United States. Michael has been yo-yoing since the summer of 2003, he has designed and produced several yo-yo’s in that time. Most recently the Memento yo-yo which is available on this website. In addition to having been a yo-yoer all those years, Michael draws a bit, and occasionally puts those drawings online for some reason.

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Learn How to Yo-Yo

Are you here to learn how to yo-yo? Maybe you already know a lot but are looking for something new or interesting to add to your trick toolkit? Michael’s been making tutorials for over 10 years now and has a collection of them in the learn section of the site. Some quick links to the starter sections are listed below. Otherwise, visit the learn page and browse for a new trick to start working on.

Michael has written a beginners book on how to yo-yo titled Learn to Throw. He also produces free to watch yo-yo video tutorials which can be followed in the Learn section of the website. New tutorials are recorded regularly, so check back often for new things to learn.

If you would like to follow Michael on social media he is always posting trick videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. He also posts yo-yo trick videos, tutorials, unboxings and reviews and more to his YouTube account. In an effort to make finding content an easy event, those are shared here in the blog as they are uploaded.