Hey there, welcome to the How to Yo-Yo section of my website. If you don’t know me, my name is Michael Montgomery, I go by MikeMonty online. I have been yo-yoing since I was thirteen years old in 2003. In that time I have made many tutorials and have begun organizing them here in December of 2019.

My ultimate goal is to continue curating this tutorial section and build it into more of an online school of yo-yoing. Continue to check back on a regular basis, and consider signing up for my weekly newsletter (every Friday afternoon), to stay informed on when new tutorials and other useful yo-yo content is up and where to find it.

If in the course of learning from one of my tutorials you have a question or would like to leave a message you can always reach me via my contact page, or any of my social pages, which are also linked on my contact page.


Basics of Yo-Yoing

What is a Yo-Yo
A Brief History of Yo-Yoing
What to Buy
How to Tie a Slipknot
String Length
The Proper Way to Hold a Yo-Yo
Yo-Yo Maintenance

Beginner Yo-Yo Tricks

Throw Down
Forward Pass
The Sleeper
Walk the Dog
The Elevator
Around the Corner
Rock the Baby
Around the World
Eiffel Tower
How to Wind Up and Bind an Unresponsive Yo-Yo

Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks

Sideways World Tour
Man on the Trapeze
One-Handed Star
Dizzy Baby
Bottom Mount
Brain Twister
Double or Nothing
Split Bottom Mount
Split the Atom
Mach 5
Stop and Go

Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks

McBride Roller Coaster
Cold Fusion
Skin the Gerbil
Eli Hop
Pop n’ Fresh
Montgomery Twist

Expert Yo-Yo Tricks

Wrist  Action

Master Yo-Yo Tricks