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2012-01-13: Laceration to Tower

in this video I learn and perform a trick as requested by Ryan “rtron55” Ayers. The Laceration to Eiffel Tower. If you want to see the best version after all the creative filming jump to the last minute and a half, I refilmed it with good lighting then edited the footage so it was slow enough to see and close enough to kind of comprehend. This is by no means an easy trick to teach but as I get more comfortable with it I’ll make a tutorial for it 🙂

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For more info about the BassBoost please visit

Hey guys, people have been asking to see the new Double-Take Industries BassBoost yo-yo in action and I’ve been a few days overdue recording my monthly trick video. These are a few of the tricks I’ve been working on this month and I’ll tell you what, the first one in the video took 20 minutes to land with wind and the combination of some of the most complex and technical trick elements I’ve messed with in a long time. I hope you enjoy it! Out of all my clips so far this is my favorite.

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the Wicked

Just wanted to throw together a short and sweet lil’ yo-yo video to bring in the new year. This is a blue and brown yo-yo by a company. It spins good. It does many tricks magically as if by it’s own talent.

Okay, okay, just messing! The yo-yo is Brown and Blue but it’s called a Woolly Marmot and it’s by a company from Canada called Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works. It freaking rocks, I won it at the Yo-Yo Contest Dave Bazan threw at the 2009 Western Idaho Faire (also the same place I got 1st place for the first time competing against other yo-yoers). Has a whole bunch of good feelings and amazing machining baked in!

Also, gonna start making videos once a month, each month I will put either new tricks or improved versions of prior video’s tricks in the videos in an effort to force myself to improve. The quality of the footage and the video editing itself is not my focus but I’m hoping they will improve simply as a byproduct. 🙂 If you like the video leave a comment and let me know! 😀

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My 1A performance at Tri-Cities

A few years back (I believe it was 2007) I attended John Bozung’s contest in Tri-Cities on the 4th of July. I believe I got second place at this competition but I could be wrong. I know I won $50.00 though!

I performed the freestyle to “Denial Twist” by the White Stripes.

Freestyle Winners: 1st. Sterling Quinn, 2nd. Michael Montgomery, 3rd. Jared ???
Freestyle Winners: 1st. Sterling Quinn, 2nd. Michael Montgomery, 3rd. Jared ???


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Michael Montgomery at the Tri-Cities Yo-Yo Competition

This was one of the last competitions Michael Montgomery competed in before focusing his attentions to the behind the scenes aspects of the yo-yo industry. From developing yo-yo related products like shirts, books, guides, and yo-yo’s themselves; to organizing the Idaho Yo-Yo Championships, running a handful of companies and even more websites. Enjoy the video!

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Matthew Lewis 1A 2005 National Yo-Yo Contest

This was Matthew Lewis’ first ever national yo-yo competition freestyle! He did really good for his first time as well, I believe he placed somewhere in the 30’s. He doesn’t yo-yo anymore but really should! He was one of the original Idaho Yo-Yo Crew members. He is now serving our country in the United States Air Force and is currently in training in Wichita Falls, TX.