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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 5

Hey everyone, they Memento’s are here! Very excited to have the run in and to be able to share my own design with the world. On Friday, the 1st of May I released 10 of each color (red, blue, and gray) on my website’s shop and we had an awesome first day of sales. The grays all sold within hours, there are a few reds and blues left. If you picked one of them up, thank you! I appreciate your support!

It’s also 5A May, so I posted a few 5A tricks as well this week. I don’t normally participate but it seemed like it could be fun to branch out from 1A for a while so my trickcircles are going to be peppered with 5A tricks, ideally at least one a day, for the rest of the month. 🙂

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