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Strings and Things

Spent the day working on string related projects though I did attend the Gem County Economic Development Association this morning and as it was my third attended meeting they voted me in as a member.

Now back to the string. Found out how to make yo-yo strings and I’m looking into making an automated setup to produce large quantities all at once. I’ll only be making one of these ‘machines’ initial until I iron out the kinks of having no clue what I’m doing. I made two amazing one toned strings and made one two-toned string however it was too coarse for freestyle play.

That’s all I have to say today for business related stuff. I did figure out how to do a square-knot thanks to Kelsey buying hemp strings and a video on how to make said knots. They’re coming out pretty good so far, I’ll add a picture to this post later tonight or tomorrow.

Take care!

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