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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 5

Hey everyone, they Memento’s are here! Very excited to have the run in and to be able to share my own design with the world. On Friday, the 1st of May I released 10 of each color (red, blue, and gray) on my website’s shop and we had an awesome first day of sales. The grays all sold within hours, there are a few reds and blues left. If you picked one of them up, thank you! I appreciate your support!

It’s also 5A May, so I posted a few 5A tricks as well this week. I don’t normally participate but it seemed like it could be fun to branch out from 1A for a while so my trickcircles are going to be peppered with 5A tricks, ideally at least one a day, for the rest of the month. 🙂

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 4

Did a few more grinds than normal this week, did some regens too. Gave away the Komodo on Friday to one of my discord members. The next giveaway will be for a Memento, which are in the mail and headed my way right now. Very exciting! 🙂

To receive alerts about when the Memento is ready or have a chance to win one make sure to join my discord server:

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 3 – Voiceover

This week’s compilation contains tricks posted from the 11th – 17th of April with a voiceover commentary discussing some of the tricks shown, a few unboxings and a tutorial I posted during the last week, my episode of The Yo-yo Podcast, and the Komodo yo-yo giveaway.

Yo-Yo Podcast ep:

Yoyofactory 720 unboxing

Komodo unboxing

Direction Changes tutorial

K Catch tutorial

Join my discord:
Learn to yo-yo:

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Let’s Play Yo-Yo: Unboxing and testing the MagicYoyo N11

I’ve been seeing people ask about this N11 yo-yo by MagicYoYo a lot. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. It’s one of those situations where they’ve priced it so low that you can help but to buy one and forgive any slight issues it might have. It has its pros and cons. I feel like I touched on most of them with this first impression session but if you have any questions or thoughts let me know in the comments. I’m still testing it and forming my conclusions for the review video. I feel like I’ll be restating most of what I have said already but in a week I should hopefully have a more leveled out opinion of the yo-yo and can compare it to my initial assessment to see if theres anywhere I might have missed.

I got this N11 here,, which if you decide you want to buy one and do it through this link I’d get a kickback.




Learn how to yo-yo:



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#GaryVeeChallenge and general updates

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well! Last time I made a post we were talking about:

  • The restoration of the Learn section of the site and the future work required there. (Duplicate pages that you can’t see because they’re set to “draft” behind the scenes may have better explanations or formatting than what is currently being displayed, and I need to just sit down and do this tonight probably.)
  • I spoke of getting back to work on Let’s Play Yo-Yo, and
    • I believe I’ve discovered a way to trick myself into this. Since a little before the last post on the 6th I’ve begun live streaming regularly to YouTube (generally late at night after my family has gone to sleep) under the title of “Let’s Play Yo-Yo Live: [whatever the stream’s topic is]”.
    • Generally a lot of goofing around since I’m not sure what to focus on but occasionally that process leads to cool looking tricks so I have also been recording these live streams from a second camera with a higher frame rate for later viewing in slow motion, but there are some lighting issues with this at the moment.
    • The main goal is to take the hour or more long streams and trim them down to about 10 minutes. I have just barely started doing this with a stream from the 1st of December. We’ll see how it goes. I’d like to get into the habit of editing what I have from the day before and posting it before going live again. But that could be problematic. Who knows.

This all leads me to what’s new at the moment. Obviously I’m working on this project now, having the site to keep track of it and other yo-yo projects has been helping. And now I mention something called the #GaryVeeChallenge in the title and don’t mention it until well into the post. What’s that about?

So if you’ve been following me for long. A handful of you have been around 10+ years. You’ll know I’ve been obsessed with this Gary Vaynerchuk guy since I first stumbled across him in 2009. Well, he recently started something to help lazy folks like me get their asses in gear. Or maybe not so much lazy folks like me, but folks similar to me who are on the fence about going all in on whatever their thing is.

And I want to do it. He sent out a new deck (60+ page pdf of ideas on how to make good regular content) and challenged folks to apply it, tagging the posts made from applying said concepts with #garyveechallenge.

I am only even posting about this because I’m fairly confident this is not something I’m ready to put myself into fully right now, but because it’s a good guide for creating the kind of content I want to create, I want to see if I can somehow trick myself into doing a decent job at this challenge.

I have glanced around through the deck. It reminded me of the last one Gary put out. I need to actually study it a bit further, as it shows you the process of using pillar content (like a show, a podcast, vlog) and splitting it up in to smaller highlight chunks that can be distributed to the various platform available, regardless of the time you’re doing this challenge in.

I am currently taking my live stream and when I hit trick I want to share I do my best to remember when I hit it, and then immediately afterwards I go back through the footage, find the trick, clip it, edit it into something fancy with some cool music, light it artificially as best I can, and then share it to youtube, twitter, instagram, tiktok, and facebook. I am supposed to tag all of these posts made from the pillar content (and the pillar content as well I suppose) with the #garyveechallenge tag.

I started writing this post while I waited for footage to both import from my little action camera and download from YouTube.

My action camera doesn’t record good audio so I’m depending on good audio from the live stream to sync over the action camera footage that I do end up using. I will also potentially use voice overs but will have to record them on my phone, which considering I’m doing this all on my own and the mic I bought is garbage, I’m not going to beat myself up too much for doing so.

Between now and January, if I make enough noise and presumably adhere to this deck well, I (or several other participating in this challenge) could potentially win some cool things, all of which are rad, but I have my eyes set on that ‘fly you to the office’ one haha…

Well I’m now blogging to procrastinate, I’ll post some updates later.

P.s. I haven’t also been sharing all the videos I’ve been making on the blog because a few of you get emails every time I make a blog post and I’m concerned about spamming you.

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It’s December already

Wow this year flew by. Since the last post I was able to successfully extract all of my old tutorials and lessons. Those have been mashed into the Learn page and are slowly coming together as I have time to clean up duplicates. I’m looking forward to being done with reestablishing this learning section so I can being making more tutorials.

I’ve been talking about it for a while, I’m starting “Let’s Play Yo-Yo” again, but it’s going to be more a general yo-yo show. I will still learn tricks on camera like I did before, but now I’m going to show the trick creation segments as a part of this series, and tutorials, unboxings/reviews, and interviews. Really anything yo-yo related.

I think making this a regular show will have a lot of benefits rather than making random pieces of stand alone content. It will help me reconnect with the yo-yo community I hope. In a way as an audience forms around the show it will have it’s own community for me to work with. That part of the process is what I mostly miss from the first time we did this.

When it comes to tutorials to teach initially I will be following whatever the most current sports ladder is. I will also teach original tricks or anything I learn along the way. Basically, whatever I can find a way to trick myself in to producing that might be of use to others I will endeavor to create.

A part of this import of information means that I have 10+ years of blogs in varying levels of organization. And a lot of duplicate content. So… I suppose I should stop writing this blog post and get some work done.

Until next time!