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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 9

This week I spent the bulk of my time catching up on a backlog of unboxings and a Let’s Play Yo-Yo episode so I didn’t post too many tricks. Hence the shorter compilation videos.

MagicYoYo T9 unboxing:

MikeMonty giveaways:

Lowkey Throws Arbor unboxing:

Chris Deemie’s Counterweight unboxing:

Let’s Play Yo-Yo S2E4:

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Unboxing the Chris Deemie / 3D printed counterweights

Earlier this month I picked up the 3D printed Counterweights that Chris Deemie designed and Steve Brown sold on I picked up the plain barrel, the bearing “patent ending” barrel, and the special locking bobber Counterweights. They’re all very cool, I personally use the bobber the most but fidget spin with the counterweight one even more. 😀

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Unboxing and testing the MagicYoYo T9

Lately I’ve been asked about the MagicYoYo T9 a few times, so I picked up one to test out and see what I thought about it. It’s great for the price. It comes with two bearings, one makes it responsive for beginner/intermediate play and one makes it unresponsive for advanced/expert play. It’s a great starter yo-yo and was surprisingly good. If you want a chance to win this and see this before June 5th 2020, go here:

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Unboxing and testing the Arbor Yo-Yo by Lowkey Throws

I picked up this Arbor off one of my discord members in our BST. I’ve always wanted one and this one was going for a good price so I went ahead and picked it up. It’s got a gold finish to it. I thought the panels were walnut but now I’m starting to think they may be Honduran Rosewood, after browsing the pictures on Additionally what I call a gold finish they call antique bronze. Whatever, it’s a beautiful throw, I’m happy to add it to my budding collection!

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 8

Lots of guests this week! Memento’s have been going out a lot the past few weeks and now we have a decent group of people posting tricks with them, thank you all for posting and talking about them, you’ve really helped spread awareness for the new Yo-Yo! Plus it’s more fun to see other people in these videos than just myself. If you want to get featured with your Memento, make sure to use the #mementoyoyo hashtag or tag @mikemonty on Instagram 🙂

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 6

Week six encompasses tricks posted from 050220 to 050820. We’re in the thick of 5A May right now so there has been a lot of counterweight tricks recorded lately. We also have shipped 29 Memento yo-yo’s around the United States and a few European countries. So hopefully next week we’ll have some guest trick videos to incorporate into the compilation video. Also mentioned was the restart of Let’s Play Yo-Yo, wherein I am going through the Level Up system by YoTricks as a way to challenge myself to learn stuff again on a regular basis.

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 5

Hey everyone, they Memento’s are here! Very excited to have the run in and to be able to share my own design with the world. On Friday, the 1st of May I released 10 of each color (red, blue, and gray) on my website’s shop and we had an awesome first day of sales. The grays all sold within hours, there are a few reds and blues left. If you picked one of them up, thank you! I appreciate your support!

It’s also 5A May, so I posted a few 5A tricks as well this week. I don’t normally participate but it seemed like it could be fun to branch out from 1A for a while so my trickcircles are going to be peppered with 5A tricks, ideally at least one a day, for the rest of the month. 🙂

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Weekly Yo-Yo Tricks Compilation 4

Did a few more grinds than normal this week, did some regens too. Gave away the Komodo on Friday to one of my discord members. The next giveaway will be for a Memento, which are in the mail and headed my way right now. Very exciting! 🙂

To receive alerts about when the Memento is ready or have a chance to win one make sure to join my discord server: