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How to Remove a Yo-Yo Bearing Without Tools

A user by the handle of Aodi in the r/Throwers IRC was trying to remove a bearing without tools and I remembered a way to do that that I learned ages ago so I recorded a quick tutorial to help him out and thought I’d share it in case any of you have ever been without a pair of pliers and needed to remove a bearing. If that is to ever happen, hopefully you’ll remember this and be able to get that bearing out! So in this video we show you how to remove a yo-yo ball bearing without any tools. All you need is the string that came with the yo-yo and you’ll probably want a replacement string because this will ruin the string you use.

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Darth Vader Hates my Hands

Man, there is nothing quite like thinking you’re only a couple hops away from completing a trick and being able to start editing your footage (in this case for Let’s Play Yo-Yo Episode 13), only to find out you’ve been landing the yo-yo on the wrong string for two weeks. Not only that but when you start to try and land it on the right string, the yo-yo binds every single time unless you hit the mount perfectly. Initially after this slight course correction I was constantly slamming the yo-yo, the 2Evil, ironically enough, into my knuckles. You can’t see it but they hurt something wicked.

Anyways, I found out that after the initial laceration, first grab of the loop flying around the yo-yo, and then the loop wrapping around my throwhand and around the yo-yo as it falls into the string over my freehand index finger that if I pinch the whole thing as it contacts my throwhand that the yo-yo hangs a few inches below my hand, which gives the loop of string that’s supposed to wrap around the yo-yo (all of this will make sense when you watch the upcoming episode, I promise) enough time to make it around the yo-yo before it plummets onto the string on my throwhand, causing a bind that smashes my knuckles.

It’s fitting I suppose that all of this is an effort to cheat time and come across one of the most feared faces in the universe, Darth Vader. Okay, so I missed out on the Star Wars craze by half a decade, or more, but I saw all of the videos and I know damn well that if Vader knew I was trying to make out a rough image of his face with a yo-yo, he would have no problem with it smashing my knuckles a few times to prove I am indeed worthy to not only see the trick for myself from my own hands, but to then have the honor of being able to display it for the world to see.

Okay, okay, so I’m slightly sleep deprived. It is 1:53am and I am waiting for the washing machine to finish cleaning our son’s cloth diapers so I can move them to the dryer so that tomorrow morning doesn’t suck for my wife and I. I’ve been poking my head into the r/Throwers IRC room here and there but it’s mostly abandoned so I turned on some music and have been working on landing the laceration for just short of an hour. It’s been rough. I faked it a few times to prove that once that loop of string somehow magically makes it around my wrist and then around the yo-yo that I will be able to hit the trick. Only one out of four fakes resulted in the mask.

Kind of unnerving. I hope I start getting this soon. I’ve been at this episode for almost a month now. Not bad considering I filmed all of episode 12 in about three days and then took a whole year to release the episode. If you see this entry and have enjoyed reading about some of what goes on behind the scenes please let me know in the comments. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about this that understands all the crap I put myself through for my audience’s enjoyment, so I’d love to chat with you guys in the comments! See you next time!

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MMWU4: Vader Trick, Yo-Yo App, and Let’s Play Sponsors

Mike does a last minute recap like a fool, talks about the LPYY13 trick progress, the badass YoYoTuts app he and MonkeyfingeR just got featured in alongside many other big tutorial folks, and the idea of having early access and behind the scene goodies for Let’s Play Yo-Yo Sponsors.

This week’s drawing winner is Chris who signed up for the newsletter on the 2nd of November, lucky dude. Everyone who has won string so far should be getting them soon, the move screwed over my ability to send them, they got boxed up and lost in the shuffle but I found them. They will be shipped on Monday, woo!

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Moving to a nicer home

Today, well yesterday by now, I hopefully made my final move of residence for a LONG time. My wife and I packed up our belongings for the past two to three weeks and had a few friends and family members help us stuff it all into a rather large uhaul truck and move it all across town to a slightly larger house our landlord (aka Weston’s great grandma) had recently vacated.

The day was fun, challenging, and largely uneventful it the regards to things going wrong. We ended up staying awake a little to long at the end of it all but considering all of the furniture and heavy appliances I was fully impressed to have not lost any limbs or fingers.

I didn’t touch a yo-yo much throughout the day to my dismay. It was such a fast paced display of organize chaos that if I had pulled out the yo-yo I would have been on fire faster than you could say “in the dog house.”

But that was okay, we got moved in, all our stuff is here, now we just have to set the place up and I can get back to making videos and improving my website.

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Vernon Street by Will Hahn

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Some of you may already know this, but I represent a pretty awesome brand known as MonkeyfingeR Design, I’ve been with them since 2012. In the time that we have been partnered up many faces have come and gone from the team (even I took a short break once in 2013). While on the team I have made great friends and met some pretty talented individuals. Of those I’m elated to have been introduced to Will Hahn. If you haven’t heard of him before Will is involved in the California yo-yo scene, placed 5th in the 5A finals at nationals this year, and was one of the key designers behind the Tri-B. Heck, he did all of the initially CAD work on it and put all the ideas together brilliantly. Just ask anyone who has thrown one, odds are they’ll agree!

Anyways, Will put out a really amazing video a few months back called Vernon Street. It features some of his polished and insane yo-yo tricks from the 5A style of play. You see, Will is one of those awesome guys who picked up a counterweight and didn’t give up on it after a few months like I did. To me counterweight was always kind of a novelty and was fun to watch but most of it was just not complex or technical enough to catch my attention. Will has the skill to put that complex technical aspect I love about 1A into his 5A tricks, if Will had been around when I was younger and I could have watched his style I probably would have stuck with 5A.

At any rate, the point of this post was that I wanted to share this awesome video of his with you, it’s sitting at 387 views at the time of this post being written, I feel it’s more than deserving of 1,000 or more views, and I feel that when you watch it you’ll probably agree. If you do please share this post, let’s get Will some more views and spread the badass, more technical side of 5A I wish I could have seen when I was still fresh to this amazing hobby![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]